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Kenya sets tough terms as it lifts ban on importation of Ugandan maize

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Kenya has finally lifted the ban on importation of Ugandan maize but with strict and tough conditions.

On March 5, the Kenyan government imposed a ban on imported maize, saying that they were seeking to curb cancer-causing aflatoxin on the imported crop.

The Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya said on Wednesday that all stakeholders dealing in maize imports would be required to be registered, the consignments coming in must be accompanied with a certificate of conformity on aflatoxin levels and that traders have to issue details of their warehouses.

The certificate of conformity should indicate that the aflatoxin levels comply with the maximum required levels of 10 parts per billion.

In a statement by Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary Lawrence Angolo, Kenya said the move is aimed at addressing the safety of consumers and that the country will not compromise on that.

Mr Angolo said the details on the warehouse would help in ensuring that the maize supplied to Kenya adhered to all standard procedures on food handling and that it was not dried on roads (tarmac).

“While we strive to give Kenya safe food by addressing the challenge in production system, we equally expect our trading partners to trade safe maize as per the East African Community (EAC) standards,” said Mr Angolo.

Traders importing maize from Uganda to Kenya will be required to also have a certificate of origin from the counties of produce before they get clearance at the border points.

Angolo urged the regional countries to fast track ratification of EAC- SGS standards on aflatoxin and submit the instruments of certification to the EAC.

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