WaterAid hands over sanitation facilities to Nansana Health center III

As part of harnessing access to clean and safe water in communities, Water Aid, has handed over sanitation facilities to Nansana Health center III ahead of the international water day celebrations.

The sanitation facilities which included a waterborne toilet, drinking water and water harvesting tank were received by the mayor of Nansana Municipality Mrs Regina Bakitte and the members of WASH Forum in parliament. A 14 stance waterborne toilet has been put up, which caters for persons with disabilities. It is designed with a foot pedal flush.

The facilities are aimed at helping mothers who faced a challenge of water scarcity during and after the delivery of babies, people with disability and other patients who visit the health facility for medical care.

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 “The organisation brings together people in health and education and puts taps and toilets at the heart of hospitals and schools. To make an even bigger impact, they work with citizens, particularly women and girls, and build their abilities to hold service providers accountable.”

Speaking at the health facility, the Country director of Wateraid Jane Sembuche Mselle said for 30 years, water aid partnered with Ugandan local community organisations, helping them take ownership of sustainable projects that meet their needs and put them in control of their own futures.

She said the organisation is working with the Ugandan Government towards the achievement of their ambitious goal of reaching everyone with clean water by 2040.

Kumi Municipality MP Silas Aogon who also represented the members of WASH forum said applauded Water Aid for setting up sanitation facilities and relieving some of the burden off government’s should and vowed to spearhead the campaign for revisiting policies to cut down costs of water.

Mayor Bakitte implored her fellow leaders to ensure that resources are availed in the municipality budget to ensure the maintenance of the facility.

“The community needs continuous sensitization on proper usage of the WASH facility to maintain its purpose,” said the In Charge at Nabweru Health Center III Mwanja Hussein.

He said 90-130 deliveries happen at the Health Center each month yet the facility lacked a bathroom for the mothers in postnatal care.