RIP President Magufuli



My tribute to HE Dr JPAM. Dr Magufuli passed away last night after terminal heart failure. It is well known he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and had an ICD in situ. Dr Magufuli had collapsed several times before.He was a strong Catholic and really a down to earth man.

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Dr Magufuli defied all odds to raise from being a secondary school teacher with only a diploma in education (Mathematics and chemistry) to earn a doctorate in chemistry. He represents a true son of Africa who despite a very tough background works so hard to make it in life. Dr Magufuli would later go on to become an MP at the age of only 35. Despite leading for only five years, Dr Magufuli achieved the following for his country:

1. Started an ambitious and the longest SGR in Africa. This will be the first electric railway system in EAC.

2. Tanzania is building the largest Power dam in Africa at R.Rufiji. This dam will generate 2GW of electricity.

3. He has modernised the infrastructure in Dar es slam. The city is now the fasted growing city in Africa.

4. He negotiated an oil pipeline with Uganda that will earn his country billions in revenue for the next 30 years.

5. Nationalised the mining sector making all mines to be owned by the government.

6. Refurbished education institutions. Dar es Saalam University now has the largest library in East and Central Africa.

7. Eliminated any forms of corruption in Tanzania.

8. Promoted Kiswahili as the official language for all government business in Tz. You can argue a case at the Supreme Court in Kiswahili today.

9. He defied imperialists from forcing his country to support same sex marriages and protected his country’s resources. While this attracted backlash, this is what Tanzanians believe in.

10.Dr Magufuli only visited two countries while in office. Rwanda and Kenya. At all times, he was negotiating multi-billion projects. Not visiting!

11.He initiated the construction of a port at Lake Tanganyika and another near Dar. He also reconstructed the Dar es Salam port making it very competitive. The port will soon become Ugandans preferred access to the sea.

12. Constructed the largest children cancer centre at Muhimbili.

13. Started the construction of LPG mining. This project like all projects in TZ is 100 per cent owned by the government.

He did all these in five years. Magufuli was a true son of Africa. He was a nationalist and loved his country. RIP HE Dr John Amos Pombe Magufuli. To all my Tanzania  friends, poleni sana.

Dathan Byonanebye, A PanAfrinist.

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