Moses Magogo

Eng. Moses Magogo has confirmed that he will be running for a third term in office as FUFA president in the forthcoming elections.

Magogo promised to serve the football fraternity better now that he is in parliament. He is the newly elected Member of Parliament for Budiope East constituency.

“I will make it official that I am standing again as FUFA President,” Magogo announced during the media engagement at Jevine Hotel in Kampala.

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“Now that I am in parliament, I think I will be able to serve football better because I will be able to table our issues on the floor of parliament,” he said adding, “For a while now, many of you have been asking me what my intentions were, and i have deflected them but I think it is the right time.”

Magogo has been at the association’s president since 2013 when he replaced Lawrence Mulindwa who decided not to stand for a third term. He has been voted as president on two occasions, both unopposed.

The FUFA President and Executive must be elected by 31st August as per the FUFA Statutes. Each term is four years.

For now, there is no candidate besides Magogo who has confirmed his intentions to run for office.

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