Oguttu Aaron
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Makerere University guild Aspirant Oguttu Aaron has petitioned the Vice Chancellor Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe following the continued delay of guild elections.

Oguttu claims that there is still uncertainty despite the Vice Chancellor’s decision to lift the ban on the guild elections. He continues to argue that even the fellow student aspirants as well as voters have wasted a lot of money and time in the campaigns yet the exact dates for voting are untold.

In his letter, Oguttu writes,” following the lift on ban of guild electoral process on 9th March, 2021, there has been a lot of speculation on the date of the students elections and it is unfortunate that up to now we do not have any definitive framework to guide the elections and this has caused a vacuum in the students’ environment.”

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The electoral commission had earlier designed a roadmap for the elections showing that guild aspirants will be voted on 30th March 2021, but later the Vice Chancellor lifted but to an unspecified date.

Oguttu wants the University administration to respond Friday 9th April 2021, adding that the students are eagerly waiting for the top leadership so as their issues are attended to.

“We must note that the semester is dragging to the serious stages and students are wasting time on campaigns and other activities concerning elections,” part of Oguttu’s letter reads.

The earlier decided roadmap was indicating both virtual and physical elections which most of the students disagreed. Days later the VC told the electoral committee to lift the ban as the top leaders of the University are making more analysis on the online voting.

Since the students will be studying in a staggered manner, it will be impossible for all of them to be at campus to vote physically this the provision of online voting. The aspirants are all supposed to use virtual campaigns on social media and televisions just like other universities.