The university administration has introduced a surcharge of fifty thousand shillings (50,000Ushs) on the students’ portal for delayed registration of the semester.

Through the Academic Integrated Management System (AIMS), which is an integrated educational Management System that automates all business processes like billing, payments, curriculum amongst others, the surcharges were indicated on the students’ portal.

The letter from the University bursar written on 25th February, 2021 indicated surcharges on delayed payment of 60% of tuition by 19th March, 2021 and the deadline for free registration is 9th April, 2021, failure to do so will lead to a surcharge of 50,000Ushs.

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Many of the students always register after knowing the course units that are available, and for the elective course units more so others first attend all of the options and choose later the suitable ones.

With the lecturers’s strike in the beginning of the semester, many course units have not yet been taught which has delayed students’ decision-making on registration.

“It is my understanding that no student can print out an examination permit without clearance to zero balance, so whether not or you want, one has to pay to their full dues. That should be the only deadline for students and parents to look out for the clearance to zero balance,” Judith Nalukwago, guild Aspirant urgued.

Judith Nalukwago also added that the early registration is also hindered by the regular breakdown and poor Network connection of the AIMS. Most of the time it is under maintenance this crippling the businesses in the University.

A few students are willing to match peacefully to Parliament mid this week against the unfair policy introduced by the administration that they even don’t give accountability to these surcharges.

“In the past we have resisted this theft and had it cancelled. We can have all surcharges cancelled. Through our own efforts as students,” Student (names unrevealed) said angrily.