AIGP Grace Akullo

The released 2020 Annual Crime Report indicates that a total of 301 children were defiled by persons living with HIV and 120 children by their parents.

This report follows the 2019 crime report detailing the crime trend, patterns and ratios of crime taking into account the contemporary challenges and efforts by the Uganda Police Force to reduce crime.

According to the report, there was an 8.9 per cent decrease in the number of crimes reported to Police in 2020. The report shows that 215,224 cases were reported in 2019 compared to 195,931 in the year 2020.

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The reduction in crime rate is alluded to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, Anti-Crime infrastructure such as the CCTV Cameras and Community co-operation and the continuous sensitization.

The report indicates that a total of 14,134 cases of Defilements were reported to Police compared to 13,613 cases reported in 2019, giving an increase of 3.8%. Of the cases of Defilement reported in 2020, 10,413 were defilement while 3,721 were Aggravated Defilement.

By the end of the year, 5,745 cases were taken to court, out of which 794 cases secured convictions, 22 cases were acquitted, 168 cases were dismissed and 4,761 cases were still pending in court.

“A total of 5,058 cases were still under investigations. 5,943 suspects of defilement were arrested and charged to Court, out of whom, 845 were convicted while 4,907 were still awaiting trial in the period under review.  A total of 14,230 victims were defiled in 2020, of whom, 14,080 were female juveniles, 140 were male juveniles and 10 female adults (Imbeciles),” reads in part of the report.

The regions that registered the lowest number of defilement cases in 2020 include CID Headquarters with 08 cases, Kidepo with 139 cases, Rwenzori East with 161 cases, and Kiira with 162 cases, Mt. Moroto with 188 cases and Greater Bushenyi with 258 cases.

In tandem, Katwe Division registered the highest number of defilement cases in 2020, followed by Kamuli District, Mbale and Buyende.

Speaking at police headquarters, the Inspector General of Police (Martin Okoth Ochola said the report will help them to understand and analyse the emerging crime trends both nationally and locally better.

“There was also a 4.7 per cent reduction in the number of traffic accidents reported in 2020 from 12,858 accidents reported in 2019 to 12,249 accidents reported in 2020. On the contrary, in terms of Fire and Rescue emergencies, there was a 1.6 per cent increase in incidents handled, from 999 incidents handled in 2019 to 1,015 handled in 2020,” IGP said.

The Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) Grace Akullo-Director said with well guided investigations, coordination and collaboration with sister security agencies; eight criminal syndicates were identified and dismantled.

“A total of 301 children were defiled by persons living with HIV and 120 children were defiled by their parents. This is absurd and completely deplorable,” AIGP Akullo said.

“Before these criminal syndicates were busted, they had; Shot and killed 10 persons, Shot and injured eight people, cut and injured one person, Robbed Shs28.3 million, one Rifle with five rounds, one pistol, 253 mobile phones,” she said.

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