Students at the School of Agricultural Sciences turned wild this afternoon in great demand for their marks of the past semesters.

Makerere University students from the School of Agricultural Sciences on Tuesday protested the delayed release of their examination results for the last academic year which ended in December 2020.

The students stormed the School and demanded that their marks which were pinned on the noticeboard also be uploaded online which is the only way to confirm that a student has sat for exams.

“The administrators don’t want to listen to us and resolve our issues. They claim to be busy and we now had to harshly attack them to have our marks worked on,” a student who didn’t to be named said.

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The students say they have for long been requesting for their marks uploaded on the online user guide called Academic Integrated Management System-AIMS but the heads of department could not listen to them.

The student said this has put them at the risk of repeating the exams or missing the graduation dates.

In response, the Dean of Agricultural Sciences Prof. Johnny Mugisha said the University has issues with the AIMS portal because of network poor connection.

“The AIMS has issues with the network and it is on and off but soon we shall settle the issues of marks and students will get their studies,” Prof. Mugisha said.

He said the officials at the School have been busy working to clear the students who are graduating in June.

The students claim that students from other colleges have their results uploaded online.

“Imagine some colleges have settled these issues during the Covid-19 holiday but our lecturers are just here seated comfortably in offices,” the student said.