Ali Matovu, a fresher at Metropolitan International University was shot dead on Tuesday morning by the Local Defense Unit-LDU guarding the University. The student was pursuing a Bachelors in Education majoring in History and Luganda.

He was suspected to be a thief of computers having been seen carrying a monitor early in the morning. The LDU personnel decided to run after him and was shot dead instantly. Theft at this Namungona based University is rampant which forced the officials to deploy LDU to guard the assets.

In response, some students said he was their fellow student in first year and they were worried to find him in a pool of blood. They knew him as an innocent boy.

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“He was carrying the computer monitor heading to the hostel. He is our own student and actually they at least shoot the legs and find more information,” a student said.

He added that catching him live would have helped the University to find out more thieves and even prove to the students the effects of theft.

The family of the deceased led by his father Mr. DariousĀ  from Masaka came to the University to find out what caused the death of their son but the University heads could not say anything about the incident.

“I need justice for my son please, this University must account for the life of my child. I groomed my son very well and I provide money for his living,” the father narrated.

However, the police took the body to the hospital for a postmortem.