UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kakuyo Kagina



Cabinet has released the final list of its parastatals and agencies under the restructuring and reorganization programme that it is undertaking.

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Among the key agencies that have been abolished and sent to the mother ministry are Uganda National Roads Authority, Equal Opportunities Commission, Uganda national Meteorological Authority.

The Cabinet recommended that for Equal Opportunities Commission, should be abolished and merged with Uganda Human Rights Commission.

Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) cabinet recommended for abolishing and sending it to the Ministry of Works and Transport as a department.

For Uganda Investment Authority, Enterprise Foundation Limited, Uganda Export Promotions Board, Uganda Free Zone Authority and Private Sector Foundation of Uganda are being recommended for a merger into an authority with specialized directorates and departments to handle specialized areas of investment, promotion and should be placed under a ministry responsible for trade and investment.

On education sector National Council for Higher Education and National curriculum Development Centre are recommended for merger

Directorate of Industrial Training cabinet has recommended for transfer and certification functions to Uganda Business, Technical Examination Board while Kyambogo Teacher Curriculum has been merged with National Curriculum Development Centre.

Uganda Allied Health Examination Board recommended for merge with Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Examination Board to for one entity.

On information sector, cabinet has recommended for abolishing of National Information and Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) and recommended it into a department under the Ministry of Information Communication Technology and National Guidance.

National Drug Authority and Agricultural Board, the report says “Merge all into one that will be responsible for monitoring and promoting standards for industrial, food and drug products across the country.

National Planning Authority, National Population Secretariat, Metropolitan Physical Planning Board, Town and country Planning Board and National Physical Planning Board have been merged into an authority. Economic Policy and Research Centre has been restricted and sent to Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development as a department.

The report further recommends that Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited, Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited, and Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited should be merged into one agency while Rural Electrification Agency (REA) was sent back to Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development as a department.

Non-Performing Assert Recovery Tribunal and Departed Asians Property Custodian Board have been recommended to be revert back to their respective ministries as departments.

Amnesty Commission and National Citizenship and Immigration Control where also recommended to revert back to Ministry of Internal Affairs as departments. Centre for Alternative Disputes and Law Reform Commission were also recommended to revert back to Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs as departments.

Others sent back to mother ministries as departments are National Records and Archives Centre, National Agricultural Advisory service, Uganda Trypanosomiasis Control Council, Uganda Cotton Development Centre, Dairy Development Authority, Electricity Dispute Tribunal, National Library of Uganda, National Forest Authority, Uganda National Meteorological Authority, National Roads Safety Board, Transport Licensing Board and Uganda Road Fund.








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