Tree Planting Campaign

Safe Space Network a local non-government organisation has launched a tree planting campaign, offering free fruit seedling to everyone that want to plant a tree (s) with in Kampala city. “This campaign targets to plant at least one tree for every person working in Kampala city, we hope to achieve this in three years, 2021-2023” Nelson N. Nkwene the Executive Director of Safe Space Network says. He further notes that Kampala’s Air quality worries, at about six times worse than global standards.

Contact with polluted air may block blood vessels and could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or other respiratory diseases such as asthma and pneumonia.

Air pollution in Kampala is mostly caused by dust from unpaved roads, fumes from cars and open burning of waste. Each one of us is required to contribute towards reducing re pollution in our city Kampala.

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This campaign appeals to everyone who has where to plant a tree, this could be at home, school, church or hotel to plant at least one.

Climate change is a reality today, and effects of global warming are witnessed every day; heat related illnesses, floods etc. planting trees plays a key role in combating global warming and climate change mitigation. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and other gasses emitted by our cars and industries that manufacture industrials products we use in our home watch this video to know why you have to participate in this campaign

Nkwene is excited about the large number of concerned Kampala city residents that have received and planted trees since this campaign began on 21st March 2021, he encourages those that made online requests to collect their seedlings and invites everyone to participate in this tree planting campaign to save our city Kampala and contribute towards global efforts to mitigate climate change and global warming.

Nkwene invites non-Government organisations, corporations, and development stakeholders to support Safe Space Network to make this campaign a success ―we still need more seedlings, he says.

The slogan of the campaign is; I am a tree, I have planted a tree and you?

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