Pupils of City Parents at their school.

The Ministry of Education and Sports has said that the planned reporting back to school and breaking off for holidays has been delayed until further notice due to the current situation of the second wave of #Covid-19 in the country.

As per the calendar, it provided the phased reopening for different classes as; P1-P3 classes are expected to report back on 7th June 2021, while P4 and P5 classes are supposed to break off for holidays on 4th June 2021. The semi-candidate classes (P6, S3 and S5) are also expected to report back for a special term on 7th June 2021.

“Pending the expected guidance of H.E, the President, Ministry of Education and Sports informs managers of education institutions and the general public that the planned reporting back to school and breaking off for holidays, as indicated above, should be delayed until further notice,” reads part of the statement from the Education ministry.

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Meanwhile, Ministry of Education and Sports is working closely with the Ministry of Health to control the spread of the pandemic in education institutions and ensure early reporting and effective management of any emerging cases.

President Museveni on Wednesday met the national task force on the #Covid-19 response to discuss the new steps to take to curb the new wave in the country and this Sunday he will address the nation.

The cumulative confirmed cases to date are 49,759 with 365 deaths. 1,125,306 tests have been conducted since March 2020 while the cumulative recoveries are 47,760. Those vaccinated are 677,084.