President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has announced a new set of measures aimed at curtailing the spread of #Covid-19 and key among them is the closure of schools, churches and suspension of public transport between up-country districts except Kampala, Wakiso and Entebbe.

Museveni said the most infected age groups are people aged 20-29, 30-39 and 40-49 while 70-790 and 80 plus are less infected in the second wave that has hit the country in just two weeks as compared to four months in the first wave.

“All schools and other tertiary institutions are closed for 42 days effective tomorrow June 7. All teachers are to fully get vaccinated before they are accepted back in school” the president said  while adding “Communal prayers in churches and mosques are suspended including open air churches  for 42 days but online prayers are encouraged.

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The president further banned public gatherings for cultural and any other except for cabinet and legislative arms of government. He also banned travel to countries that are listed in category A by World Health organisation and apparently, it is only India in this category. He however, said for those ugandans returning home, they are allowed.

Agricultural activities such as farming, grazing factory work are allowed but observing SOPs. He disclosed that the #Covid-19 committee had persuaded him to close Malls and Supermarkets but he has allowed malls and supermarkets to operate with a view that they respect and observe SOPs but again warned that he has given the one week if they don’t,  he will close them.

Marriage ceremonies and other parties are allowed by strictly with 20 persons and with close observation of SOPs

“House parties aren’t allowed and burial are allowed but with 20 people. Weekly markets are suspended for 42 days”

Museveni also revealed that as opposed to the current method of arresting and charging violators of #Covid-19 , this time the committee resolved that the violators pay through express penalty.

Control Measures
 Schools closed for 42 days effective tomorrow
 Churches, mosques and open air worship closed for 42 days
 All teachers to get vaccinated before returning to school
 Public, cultural gatherings and conferences suspended for 42 days
 Travel from category A countries remain suspended except for returning Ugandans
 Agriculture activities like cultivating and ploughing gardens and fishing to continue
 Non agricultural activities like factory, construction, shopping malls and supermarkets to continue while observing SOPs
 Factories, hotels, Markets, to operate under strict observance of SOPs
Marriage ceremonies and other social gatherings allowed with a maximum of 20 people under strict observance of SOPs
 House parties are strictly banned
No. Of persons at burials and vigils should not exceed 20 people
Weekly non food markets suspended for 42 days
Cattle markets suspended for 42 days
 All public transport between and across districts are suspended for 42 days from June 10, 2021
All inter district travel banned except between Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono for 42 days. Only cargo trucks excepted. Registered travel vehicles and service vehicles excepted.
Public transport allowed within districts but with observance to SOPs
 Cargo trucks are allowed only two persons
Private vehicles allowed only three persons and not allowed to move across inter-districts
saloons and lodges without bars are allowed to operate
Curfew to remain at 9pm
Boda-bodas to operate up to 7 pm and only allowed to curry one passenger.
Shopping arcades and hardware shops to operate up to 7 pm.