Gen. Rusoke
President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that traffic officers on duty will be armed or paired with armed colleagues.
Mr Museveni said as measure to deter errant road users that are stopped by men on the road but refuse to adhere to directives.
“Actually they (attackers) met a traffic officer, he stopped them, they refused but he wasn’t armed . Now traffic officers will be armed or paired with armed people” He said.
The president’s revelation is in connection to the incident in which outgoing Works and Transport Minister , Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala survived an assassination attempt early last week when assassins moving on two motorcycles attacked his vehicle on Kisota road-Kisaasi and shot at and and injured him as his driver and daughter were killed instantly.
The president said the assassins had been stopped by the traffic officer but they ignore his orders because he wasn’t armed.
“The general if not allowed he can be attacked and that  is it he isn’t well protected. For the case of he didn’t have a lead car”.
Museveni also used the #Covid-19 address to reveal that he had appointed a new leadership led by Maj. Gen. Robert Rusoke and Monica Musenero to leader the #Covid-19 taskforce.
“I had appointed  appointed Maj. Gen. Muheesi  (Geoffrey Baraba)  but i was told he is indisposed I now appoint Maj. Gen.Rusoke (Robert) and Musenero  (Dr Monica) are the ones in charge of the taskforce. I had appointed Kyanda (Maj.Gen.Leopard) but those should go back to the barracks”.
Gen Rusoke has previously served as the Uganda’s Ambassador to Juba and Joint Chief of Staff of Uganda People’s Defence Forces.