Entebbe Referral Hospital

Entebbe Referral Hospital has been closed to all inpatients due to increasing numbers of Covid-19 patients being admitted to the facility. The closure has been announced by Dr Moses Muwanga, the director of the health facility.

Speaking at the health facility, Dr Muwanga said: “There is an increase in the number of Covid-19 patients both in the community and those at the Airport. In order to create space, we decided to close the inpatient services to handle referrals from all other hospitals.”

He said Outpatient services will continue to be availed at the facility.

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“We will not be able to admit inpatients, the inpatients’ section has been closed to cater for all covid-19 patients, we have been turning off referrals due to limited space which we had initially reserved and was not enough to cater for all referrals,” he said.

Last year, the hospital was closed to the general public in April during the first wave to cater for Covid-19 patients until March this year when it was reopened back to the general public.

“The main challenge we have faced is that our pregnant mothers have started contracting Covid-19, we have to open those services in order to treat women who have contracted Covid-19, take care of them and help them deliver safely in the hospital,” he said.