Moses Magogo

Eng. Moses Magogo will return as the FUFA president unopposed for his third term in office after the federation’s Electoral Committee declared him as the only candidate who returned dully signed forms for the top seat.

“FUFA Electoral Committee announces that only one candidate Eng. Moses Magogo returned dully signed forms for the position of FUFA President. Magogo named his 14 man Committee that was released to the media today by the Electoral Committee as per Electoral Code,” FUFA said in a statement.

Magogo, who is also the MP for Budiope East constituency, has been at the association’s president since 2013 when he replaced Lawrence Mulindwa. He has now been voted as president on three occasions, all unopposed.

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The other candidates; Mujib Kasule and Allan Ssewanyana who picked the nomination forms failed to acquire the requirements and signatures and to back their nomination.

“FUFA Electoral Committee announces that two FUFA Presidential aspirants Mr. Mujib Kasule and Hon. Allan Ssewanyana picked and failed to return forms within the set deadline.”

Ssewanyana had written to the association’s Electoral Committee to allow him to stand for the position without the full requirements. However, the committee rejected his petition.

“Petition rejected because it raised no serious ground that prohibited the petitioners from returning the forms with basic requirements to participate in the polls and moreover no basis upon which the Committee could rely to assess their candidature,” FUFA said.

Mujib withdrew from the race after claiming that the FUFA administrators refused to give him their signatures to back his nominations saying they had already endorsed Magogo.

“I did not return my nomination forms as expected because of the frustration in satisfying the nomination requirements needed,” Kasule said before adding; “This whole process is sham.”

He added that the whole nomination process was meant to frustrate any potential candidates. He said; “It was set up to protect the incumbent, it was set up to ensure that he went through unopposed.”

FUFA set Saturday August 21, 2021 for the upcoming general polls during this year’s Ordinary General Assembly to be hosted in Mbale where Magogo will be announced to begin his third term and a new Executive into office for a four year term will be voted. A total of 88 delegates will take part in the elections.

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