Outgoing cabinet where the said Minister was a member.



With the cabinet list now officially out there are celebrations among top lawyers and members of the business community about the sacking/dropping of an outgoing minister who has been known as Mr. 30 per cent.

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The said minister had turned his department into a 30 per cent money making venture since he was at the centre of many government deals. It is alleged that without 30 per cent, no assistance would be rendered to you.

However, with news that he was axed, several top lawyers and businessmen/women took to social media to celebrate his sacking.

“I wish His Excellency had done this long ago, we would be far but nevertheless, it has finally come and for us who have suffered are jubilating because imagine 30 per of Shs100 million. We hope we shall meet in the field with him” one lawyer posted in a Whatsup group.

The said minister is further said to have sidelined some people but had a few clique of others he was using to run his errands. The said minister is fairly young and has been around Kampala for sometimes.

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