UAE bans entry of travellers from Uganda

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will bar entry to travelers from Uganda effective June 11, 2021, a foreign ministry statement said on Wednesday.

Uganda is currently facing a second wave of the pandemic, which is more deadly and devastating. Health experts say the wave is worse than the first one since it is more transmissible and affecting young people.

The government recently reinstated some of the lockdown measures to contain the second wave of the pandemic.

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Other affected countries banned from entry into UAE are Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

“The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority and the General Authority of Civil Aviation announced the suspension of entry for travelers from Zambia and Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda on all flights on national and foreign carriers, as well as for transit passengers coming from these countries, starting 11/06/2021,” UAE said in a statement.

“Flights between the three countries will continue to allow the transport of passengers from the UAE to Zambia and Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda and the transfer of exempted groups from these countries to the UAE who have applied for exemption.”

“The General Authority of Civil Aviation called upon all travelers affected by the decision to contact the relevant airlines to reschedule their flights and ensure their safe return to their final destinations without delay.”

The measure applies to transit passengers, in addition to passengers who have traveled through these countries in the last 14 days prior to their arrival into the UAE.

Emirates citizens, diplomatic passport holders, and official delegations are exempt from the measures.

Transit flights from the UAE to the affected countries, in addition to cargo flights, will continue to operate.

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