Mzee Kibalama critically ill

The founder of the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party (NURDP) that has since evolved into the National Unity Platform (NUP), Mzee Moses Nkonge Kibalama has been admitted to Bombo General Military Hospital.

The former police officer and escort of the late President Milton Obote, was admitted to the health facility over hypertension and pressure related complications.  According to the mayor of Gombe Town Council Ronald Kasirivu, Kibalama is in critical condition.

Kibalama came into limelight after he superintended the changing of NURDP to NUP and handed over partly leadership to the former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu Better known as Bobi Wine.

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 Mr. Kibalama later denounced Bobi Wine’s leadership on grounds there was violation of party laws in evolving party name to NUP. He also said that the singer failed to fulfill his pledge of $5million. Kibalama ran to court seeking orders to have their party back.

Court summoned him for cross examination over contradicting affidavits he filed in regard to the matter. In the first affidavit, objected to the changing of the party name from NURDP to NUP and the other he said the process did not follow stipulated party laws.

The matter was later dismissed on grounds that it was not brought under any known procedure and secondly it was made to avoid the time limit of three months within which an application for judicial review should have been brought.