Joyce Nabossa

The Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) Party President Patrick Oboi Amuriat has revealed that Owek. Joyce Nabbosa Ssebugwawo, formerly Deputy President accepted President Yoweri Museveni’s appointment as the Minister of State for Information Communication Technology and National Guidance.

On June 8, 2021 President Museveni named Mrs Ssebugwawo a minister following vast engagements. Recently, Museveni said he infiltrated the FDC party and they have been in close discussions with various party members.

“I can confirm that she has accepted the appointment and as a result has offended Article 12 of the FDC Constitution. She therefore ceases to be a member of FDC and has accordingly voluntarily relinquished her position as Deputy President,” Amuriat said.

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Amuriat applauded Mrs Ssebugwawo for hard work, sacrifice and commitment in running the party over the last more than 20 years of her political life. “It is this political investment that she has out of her own volition chosen to abandon especially at this time when the struggle to free this country has reached a critical stage and requires all of us.”

He said that Mrs Ssebugwawo’s decision to leave the party to join Museveni’s government is purely personal and the organs of the FDC were never consulted. She joins former party members who earlier parted ways with FDC.

He appealed to people to desist from unnecessary attacks on the person of Owek. Joyce Naboosa Ssebugwawo as this does not add any value to FDC mission to capture power. The party will in the next two weeks appoint a caretaker Deputy President to replace her.