Professor Peter Owgang has been granted Shs5 billon and Investment license to set up Covidex manufacturing plant in Soroti.

Prof Ogwang is the brain behind the innovation of Covidex, a herbal remedy which helps in the treatment of #Covid-19.

Recently, National Drug Authority (NDA) cleared the herbal drug following the establishment that it’s components play a vital role in the treatment of #Covid-19.

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The certificate has been granted by Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).
The processing of a certificate which normally takes two days, has been generated in one hour and handed over to Prof Ogwang and Jena Uganda Limited to go on with the activities set up the factory.
According to State Minister for Investment Everyn Anite, Prof Ogwang has been given Shs5 billion and five acres of land in Soroti Industrial Park.
“Prof Ogwang will benefit from other government incentives like a 10 years tax holiday which has always been given to other investors,” Anite said
Soroti Industrial Park was chosen because most of the raw materials like Lemon grass are mostly grown in Teso subregion.
“The setting of Jena manufacturing plant in Soroti, will help the country to save over Shs4 billion that has been used to import drugs,”Prof. Ogwang said
Currently, Prof Ogwang and his company employee 200 people at the factory and 300 collecting raw materials. Upon complication, the factory is expected to employ over 1200 people.