Dr. Musenero

State House has communicated that President Yoweri Museveni will address the nation on Saturday night about status of the #Covid-19 lockdown and other issues.

Ms Linda Nabusayi, Press Secretary to the president announced  “Yoweri Museveni will address the Nation this Saturday July 31, 2021 at 8pm on #Covid-19 and any other related issues. The address will be live on all Television and Radio stations Tune in”.

The address will be at the end of the 42 days of lockdown that Museveni announced in regards to curbing the spread of #Covid-19.

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The 42 days saw no internal inter-district movements of people, closure of places of worship, educational institutions, markets among a host of others.

However, sources say there could be an extension of the lockdown by another 21 days as the country waits to ship in vaccines to vaccinate the population. But other sources say, there is fear that outright opening up of all sectors at ago could undermine the little gains registered under the lockdown and therefore, there is need to open only critical sectors.

“The problem is that if we hurry to open, we could undo what we have achieved and therefore, we think it should be a planned one in phases. We are also anticipating for another wave and so, the option available is extension of the lockdown as we monitor the situation” said a committee member of the Health Advisory Committee who asked to remain anonymous.

Already  Minister in charge of Science, Technology and Innovation in the Office of the President, Dr Monica Musenero has said that the lockdown could be extended because the country hasn’t vaccinated half of the population as it was anticipated.