Just like the story of the last supper on the night before Christ’s crucifixion is reported in four books of the New Testament (Mathew 26:17-29, Mark 14:12-25, Luke 22:7-38 & 1 Corinthians 11:23-25).

This photo shows NUP Principal’s brother Mikie Wine in a recent visit to Turkey having a meal with renowned NUP propagandist Fred Kajubi Lumbuye aka Chemical Ali who is now currently reported to have been secured in Uganda’s security agencies(ESO-External Security Organization).

A tale of how Mikie Wine’s intentional social media post set up and notified CMI(Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence) & ESO on where to start from and who to start with helped govt’s intelligence links to Lumbuye’s hide out in Turkey. It was not easy for Uganda’s government security to get closer to Lumbuye since he was confident of his surveillance drones until Mikie Wine connected that gap.

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But why would Mikie Wine betray Lumbuye after all that trust he gave Mikie because Lumbuye has never or hardly accepts to post a pic with his friend or a colleague and always posts and delivers his message livestream as a single individual?

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