Fred Lumbuye
Blogger Fred Lumbuye who has been basing in Turkey to make controversial posts on his social media accounts and was arrested by Turkish authorities was yesterday deported to Uganda where government is holding him in an unknown location, this website has established.
Lumbuye was on Saturday morning handed over to Ugandan government by Turkish security operatives who arrived in the country with him aboard Turkish Airlines, which touched down at Entebbe International Airport on Saturday at around 3 am.
According to security sources, the renowned blogger was held at the police station in the passenger terminal for two hours where he was interrogated. He was later whisked off to Kampala in a way no one around could notice for prevention gatherings.
From the airport, security sources further say, Lumbuye was taken through immigration and the police station to Turkish Embassy in Kampala from where the Turkish security operatives officially handed him over to Ugandan authorities.
“Lumbuye is in the safe hands of the government,” Foreign Affairs State Minister, Okello Oryem is quoted as saying.
Citing security reasons and for avoidance of attracting crowds, the minister declined to disclose where exactly Lumbuye is being held.
After interrogations, says Oryem, Lumbuye will be produced in the courts of law to answer charges.
Lumbuye was arrested at the Ugandan Embassy in Istanbul where he had gone to renew his passport, according to his allies.
The Ugandan who has been living in Turkey caused trouble to himself when he became the source of a rumour that dominated social media in July indicating that President Museveni was very ill and admitted to a hospital in Germany. This was followed by the allegations he further made claiming that Museveni had actually died from the hospital where he had been taken.
Later at the swearing ceremony of the last batch of ministers, Museveni, said the country has got another challenge of social media, which needs to be dealt with urgently. He ordered security agencies to hunt down anybody who was trading rumours that he was dead and for those outside the country, their citizenship should be revoked.
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