Makerere Main Building

Makerere University Student leaders are set to meet management of the teaching institution to pave the way to continue with their studies. Students’ leaders will meet via zoom.

The Guild speaker has honoured the fellow leaders’ unending requests to meet the administrators and discuss how students will continue with their students and how exams of the last semester will be conducted.

The administrators have for long been promising to have online exams however due to the poor network connections; the activity has not been conducted. In the survey made by the academics Minister, many students rejected this suggestion and opted to do these exams when they return to the University.

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Since the imposing of the second lockdown, University has been conducting college based training on Makerere University E-learning (MUELE), a system where students attend virtual lectures.

The Guild speaker Kamukama Geofrey said the administrators should give detailed information and a way forward on the resumption of physical lectures and vaccination of all students.

“We are deeply hurt by the slow performance of the administration on issues of academics and vaccination of the students,” Kamukama said.

Guild representatives suggest that all they should back the issue of taking home examinations which are far better from the online exams.

“Consulting my constituents, they all agreed that taking home exams are better since we shall have ample time to assess them,” GRC School of Education said.