As the weekend draws nearer, Pokerstars have more exciting news for you, thanks to the planned Summer Online Tournament that you do not want to miss out on. Dubbed Summer Stacks Festival, the competition will run for two weeks and will incorporate 100 events. There are buy-ins that will set you back $100 or less and many other opportunities for you to be part of the action without paying a dime. As opposed to most other tournaments, the Pokerstars events are scheduled to turbo formats, in which case blinds would increase rapidly compared to what happens in typical tournaments.

Millions of Dollars at Stake

The world’s largest online poker plans to use these events as an opportunity to send a message about its leading position in the online world. The events will run simultaneously across three states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Each has varying prize pools, with Pennsylvania and Michigan starting at $1 million, while New Jersey’s prize pool is set to $500,000. Of course, who wouldn’t want to take home such exquisite wins from playing video slots online?

The series is currently in progress will go on all the way until June 27, giving you access to a two-day Main Event scheduled for $100. The Michigan and Pennsylvania Main Events have a prize pool of $100,000, while New Jersey’s one rewards $50,000.

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A keen eye may have spotted that Michigan and Pennsylvania have higher prize pools and appear to be the favorites. However, Pokerstars is of the contrary opinion and holds that all the three states are treated equally. The reason for, according to the Michigan Main event, a higher reward is probably to promote its recent entry into the state early this year.

Three States, Different Approaches

As mentioned, Pokerstars summer online tournament will run in three different states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey. The company seems to have chosen slightly varying gaming approaches for each of the states, considering the nature of the states.

For the case of Pennsylvania, Pokerstars boasts of being the only online poker provider in the market. That gives them ample room to release exciting solutions accompanied by worthwhile rewards. As far as the financial books can tell, Pennsylvania appears to be the company’s mine gold, having racked in $25.7 million in the previous fiscal year from the state.

If this is a trend that will be maintained in the current fiscal year is a matter of wait and see. However, all indications point to the possibility of Pokerstars continuing to make this state its golden goose as it firmly holds onto its single operating licensing and releasing events such as these to attract more players.

The poker market in New Jersey is dominated by three different players, and Pokerstars appears not to have put in a spirited fight to outdo the competition. However, that is not to say this is a market it has ignored, given the decent $50,000 on the table at the Main Event of this online tournament.

Rapid Interest from Players in America

The total rewards for this tournament is set to a cumulative $2.5 million, something that has sent a strong message on what Pokerstars is capable of. As expected, thousands of players across America have developed an interest in Pokerstars as they express surprise at how far online gaming has come. No one would have imagined these kinds of rewards when the concept of online poker first emerged.

Despite the rapid increase in its online poker service, Pokerstars cannot venture into the other states yet due to legal restrictions. As of now, only three U.S. states have a law permitting their residents to play online poker games from other states. New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware players are legally allowed to play poker online against each other. On the other hand, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia states restricts playing against players within the specified states.

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