Kyambogo University Senate Building

Former Kyambogo University staff have allegedly deleted results of over 29,000 students from the University database. The students were set to graduate after finishing their studies.

The suspects were formerly working as information technology officers in the Directorate of Information Computer and Technology. These were identified as Mr. Shamuni Zziwa, Philemon Wengari, Hudson Kisutu and Joshua. Other affected services are the University servers, library system and the university email.

The affected student’s data can hardly reflect in the Students’ portal including their cumulative assessment or track of their academic records. Initially, the ‘blame’ was attributed to the integration from the AIMS system to the new whole ACMIS.

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The University Vice Chancellor, Eli Katunguka confirmed that the former staff who had resigned from the University services but declined to officially hand over the systems and the software are the exact suspects.

“We are sure they are the ones in charge of all these particular things that were deleted,” Prof. Katunguka said.

He added that the University is set to graduate 7500 students from September 21 to 23 and yet some of them are among the 2900 students whose results have been deleted.

The University administration has reportedly set up a committee to look into the matter and iron out the underlying issues sooner than 21st September, the set date for Graduation.