Kabojja Hostel which is found in Banda, a Kampala Suburb.(PHOTO BY RONARD SHABOMWE)

Kyambogo University students are in shock after the University Hostels Association (UHA) notified them of the sale of valuable properties. The selling of student’s properties is peddled at clearing the outstanding hotel balances.

In June 2021 President Yoweri Museveni ordered for closure of all learning institutions and gave one week ultimatum for all students to go back home.

The closure of schools aimed at curbing the spread of the Covid-19. Students however left most of their valuables such as mattresses, suitcases, laptops, textbooks among others due to the hike of transport fares.

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Ssematovu Hakim the chairperson of UHA said Good shepherd, Kabbojja, Jussy, Wamala and Servite are the only hostels which have sold off students properties.

“The selling off of these properties was done authoritatively under the guidance of the LC1, LC5 and the Guild. Some of the valuable items you left behind have been sold off to clear your dues as you all know we charge per semester and it is noted that your periodic semester was accomplished,” Ssematovu said in a letter.

“Yes I saw the letter, as well as, landlords were breaking rooms and removing properties. But not sure whether they were to be sold,” a student whose name withheld narrated.

She blamed the student’s ministry of affairs which cannot fight for the students’ protection in such uncertainties.