#Covid-19 vaccine

Makerere University Research and Innovation Fund through a survey indicate that vaccination has reduced #Covid-19 deaths by 55 per cent.

This is especially among individuals that have fully got the vaccine. They conducted the survey between May, 1 and July 31, 2021, on vaccination status and treatment outcomes of patients.

They admitted these patients to two #Covid-19 treatment units at Namboole and Mulago hospital. In total there were 1462 patients.

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“95 of the 1462 patients (6.5 per cent) had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Of the 95, 12 had received two doses (fully vaccinated) 14 days before the onset of symptoms or admission. Vaccinated patients were 55 per cent more protected from dying during hospitalization. There was no death among fully vaccinated patients,”

According to the research, vaccination has no significant impact on the duration of hospitalization. However, it reduces #Covid-19 death rates by a huge percentage.

“Mortality was lower among partially vaccinated patients, compared to those not vaccinated at a Vaccination is ll. In conclusion, vaccination reduced #Covid-19 deaths in Uganda,” the survey shows.

Vaccination is highly emphasized across the country right now. The remaining parts of the economy will wait till a reasonable percentage of the population gets the vaccine.

The president said they will only allow bars and concerts to operate after at least 4.8 million people have got the vaccine.

If this survey is very accurate, then it means vaccination is a good route to take. Currently, the government has made bars and even churches vaccine centers so that people can get the vaccine easily.