Bad Black with Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga

The Vice Chancellor of Victoria University, Dr. Lawrence Muganga has explained the University’s decision on socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa alias Bad Black becoming their ambassador.

While addressing the media, the vice-chancellor explained that all Victoria University Students and the Alumni Community are their Ambassadors and now since Bad Black is their student, she automatically becomes an ambassador and the University will help her in improving herself.

“It is also important to note that all Victoria University Students and the Alumni Community are our Ambassadors, therefore since Ms. Shanitah Namuyimbwa is our student, she automatically becomes a Victoria University Student Ambassador,” Dr. Muganga said.

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“Ms. Shanitah Namuyimbwa came to Victoria University with an overwhelming desire to better herself and become a decent contributing member of society and a role model to her children,” he said.

Bad Black expressed her passionate desire to pursue two short courses at Victoria University and her priority courses were: English and Digital Marketing.

She has a goal of becoming a fluent English Speaker and Digital Marketing Guru and that’s how Victoria University came in to help her like any other Ugandan to realize such an incredible dream and becoming a decent contributing member of society.

“For those who don’t know, Ms. Shanitah Namuyimbwa is a mother of 4 incredible children that she loves so much like any parent should always do. As a mother she yearns to become their good role model as she continues to raise them into responsible citizens of this country,” Dr Muganga said.

“Our job is to transform and rehabilitate those that desperately need help to become better people and Ms. Shanitah Namuyimbwa becomes a better example of such people that need urgent help to transform themselves.”

“As Victoria University like many institutions of higher learning in this country, we are not discriminative when it comes to educating people, we cannot even afford to judge anyone because of their past or inequities.”

Dr. Muganga said that Victoria University is only here to help Bad Black to improve herself to become a better and productive human being through pursuing impactful English Language and Digital Marketing Short Courses offered by Victoria University, adding that Victoria University has not paid any money to her.

“Society knows very well Ms. Shanitah’s inequities and she understands them as well and she is remorseful about it. That’s why she is trying her best to walk away from her past into a better and transformed Shanitah Namuyimbwa that her children and society can be proud of as a mother, sister, advisor and friend to many.”