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The Former Kabale University Prime Minister Twinomuhangi Angello has lashed at President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his National Resistance Movement Government for intentionally manipulating and killing Uganda’s Education system.

Twinomuhangi who ventures in the Education sector says that it’s unfortunate that Museveni and his accomplices as well as the Ministry of Health are blindfolding Ugandans when it comes to reopening Educational institutions hiding in COVID-19.

In an exclusive interview with our reporter, Twinomuhangi stressed that Museveni and his people should stop the hide and seek games especially on the Education of poor Ugandans when other bigwigs are commercializing the virus in fake deals.

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Disgruntled Twinomhangi poured cold water on Muuseveni’s measures on easing lockdown where he reopened Places of worship and mobile markets at the expense of Educational institutions which accommodate a reasonable number of learners and from a defined origin.

He is concerned that the President reopened Places of worship with a maximum of 200 attendants yet there is no classroom that can accommodate such a number of learners at ago. This ideally means that the church translates to six classrooms.

On the issue of mobile markets, Twinomuhangi is concerned that these gather masses from many corners of the community which according to him might spread the virus more than learners in Schools.

John F Kennedy once said “deny them education to lead them for a long time”.

“Museveni was like School going children will contract the scourge and spread it to the elderly after returning to homes, where do those that attend players and mobile markets end up? Don’t they go back home? What of those in betting halls? Won’t they infect the vulnerable group?” he said.

Twinomuhangi notes that the government is keeping a lock on Schools since they are a lesser privilege especially in remunerating taxes compared to markets and other sectors of the economy that have been reopened.

For the Church, he said they were reopened on pressure from religious leaders thus calling upon all players in the Education sector to rise up and force the government to move from this state of slumber.

On Schools reopening being tagged on teachers vaccination, Twinomuhangi wonders why the government is putting emphasis on teachers alone where a single teacher is in charge of over 50 pupils. “Are they targeting saving a teacher’s life at the expense of the pupils?” he questioned.

On registering private schools even before the schools are reopened, Twinomhangi they are targeting money from the private institutions without considering the service they render to the Country and the situation they are currently going through.

He rather insists that the government should think of renewing their licenses other than forcing them to register again stressing that they are targeting those in opposition to revoke their licenses.

“What’s the significance of re-registering these institutions? they are targeting those in opposition to revoke their licenses. What’s next for those who will have passed in those schools if they totally collapse because of the new measures? This is a master plan to kill the education system,” he lamented.

Twinomuhangi who is ambitious to take over the leadership of this country come 2026 questions why are all vaccination efforts turned against teachers as if it’s the only sector of the economy bitterly affected by the scourge.

He is optimistic that there is a Team benefiting from this so called covid-19 for example in transportation of drugs, those enforcing curfew guidelines stressing that every Ugandan will suffer in paying covid-19 debts.

On safe reopening of all Educational facilities, Twinomuhangi wants the government to provide learners, teachers and all stakeholders in the education sector with vaccines at the schools and reopening so that the citizens learn how to live with COVID-19 since it’s here to stay.

The Ambitious Head of the state says that it’s unfortunate that the government is channeling all the efforts to fighting COVID yet there are other illnesses killing Ugandans such as Malaria, cancer among others. This government will not prevent people’s death.

He stressed that corruption is killing the country and the only solution is overhauling the leadership to fresh blood. “You can confuse people but time and age will not” he added.

Twinomuhangi Angelo laughed at Tibuhaburwa for closing bars and allowed beer making companies to keep up the production question of where this alcohol is being sold. He is concerned that bars of prominent people are normally working at the expense of the poor Ugandans.

“Why did the government allow beer making companies to keep producing liquor which is sold in the said closed bars? Some people are using the covid-19 lockdown as a stepping stone on them would be businessmen and women,” he added.

Twinomuhangi’s concerns come days after the President announced that Primary and secondary schools will reopen next year after 4.8 million people in priority and vulnerable groups are fully vaccinated including teachers and 330,000 students aged 18 years and above.

Museveni said this in his address that institutions of higher learning can reopen effective November 1st, as soon as vaccinations of the priority groups are done. He also announced that places of worship can re-open with strict SOPs, and numbers limited to 200. Also allowed are funerals and weddings, also at a limit of 200.