Bolt Uganda has launched an upgraded cashless option for corporate and card-payment customers.

The innovative feature will ease and expedite the transition from cash to electronic payments. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a steady increase in customer adoption and preference for cashless options. Worldwide, Bolt intends to expand the offering of its Bolt Business services to help companies centralise track and manage their transportation on personal, team, and company levels more efficiently.

Bolt Uganda has introduced Bolt Business Cars and Bolt Business Boda- Bodas. The two categories have been designed to meet the needs of non-cash based users. These categories are now live and visible to corporate users, those with card payments or work profiles.

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Moses Mugerwa, Uganda Operations Manager at Bolt said; “Bolt Business has a business solution for companies of all sizes. The business solution for companies is now being powered by these new categories. These have been designed to meet the needs of our card-payment users. Forget the questions- ‘Do you have cash or are you cashless?’ while requesting within these categories. Furthermore, Bolt Business portal administrators can set spend policies, review the entire team’s ride usage and centralise expenditure. At the same time, the employee can quickly get a ride whenever needed via the Bolt app.”

Mugerwa said that riders and drivers weren’t well acquainted with electric payments in the past due to negative sentiments towards card-payment trips. This stems from liquidity issues experienced by drivers and the fact that Uganda is predominantly a cash-based economy.

He said for these two categories, we have selected drivers with good historical ratings towards card payment trips. We now have an ongoing initiative to ensure they have appropriate cars and bodas to meet the desired standards of our users in these categories.

“The company is running additional tailored training for these drivers while also offering them more value-based incentives to motivate them further to enjoy such trips. Meanwhile, all money from non-cash-based trips is always paid to drivers weekly to their registered wallet numbers after Bolt offsetting its commission,” he said.

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