Police has warned the four time presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye and other leaders of the newly formed political pressure group, People’s Front for Transition, over their intentions to hold public meetings across the country.

Last week, FDC, JEEMA, People’s Progressive Party (PPP) launched the pressure group peddling at ousting President Museveni out of power.

Speaking earlier today Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson said; “We are aware as police and sister security Agencies about new plans of the newly formed People Front for Transition to hold unlawful assemblies and meetings in public places country wide.”

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“Although it is a fundamental right for Ugandans to peacefully assemble, all assemblies and meetings are still restricted under the public health orders due to the existence of Covid-19 in the country. We therefore only respect the right of people to assemble only if they have full proof of their clearance from the ministry of health on health and safety grounds,” Enanga said.

At the launch, Besigye who is also the group chairperson said that the country must now realize that elections under Museveni will not cause change in Uganda. He said they have in the past tried them and realized Ugandans can only have a right to vote when they are free from what he called the NRM domination. According to Besigye, Ugandan voting rights will start to make sense when their vote starts to count.

“Ugandans across the country must realize that there is a need to have a grand reset of the country in order to deal with the crises that the country finds itself in,” he said.

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