Deputy DG-ISO Lt. Col. Katabazi and other top spy operatives meeting Ms Ashana (middle).



Internal Security Organisation has dispelled Social Media rumour as false reports regarding the youthful Makerere University student meeting President Museveni.

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The stories on social media quoted some sources from State House indicating that the president would meet this youthful lady over her article.

“We have however established that stories have a different agenda and is working to serve the interests of particular individuals to water down the good gesture and patriotic move by the DDGISO to harmonize the working relationship with the disgruntled youth”. ISO said in a statement.

The spy agency said that just like they published earlier, the youth have developed a strategy of publishing false contents to attract the attention of their target after understanding that government is open to dialogue. it further said that it is also a technique now to write inciting contents against the state with hope that they will be summoned by relevant and concerned government officials in order to use that as a bait to advance their personal requests from government.

“In our bid to clarify the report by Ashana, the Deputy Director General ISO Lt. Col Emmy Katabazi in a telephone conversation this evening, he vehemently stated that, while they had discussions with Ashana yesterday, both parties resolved to always work together to address issues of national concern whenever need arises. Ms Annah  Ashana in a report posted on her Facebook page , did not mention anywhere that she was interested in meeting the president, over an article she wrote and neither did the Deputy Director General ISO promise anything in that regard” .

Ashana acknowledged that she was treated with utmost integrity, by the Intelligence Boss and resolutions were made but did not include meeting the president at any point in time .

“Information from the two parties does not indicate that there was need to meet the president and henceforth disregard any information indicating that the president has picked interest or wishes to meet this youthful lady”

Ms Ashaba recently penned down an erotic poem decrying the continued closure of schools, among other political issues. In her poem.