Andrew Baryayanga.

Ugandan innovators have launched a social networking platform dubbed My globaL communitY link (MyLYK). The platform is designed to connect people and communities, past, present and future.

The platform was unveiled by a team of innovators led by former Kabale Municipality MP, Andrew Baryayanga, Brian Achaye, the app developer and Justus Mugisha.

Speaking earlier today, Andrew Baryayanga said like other social media platforms, the application can be accessed through the Google PlayStore on Android, Apple AppStore and through its official website at

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“The users are able to share and invite their friends and family to connect on the platform. The platform MyLYK is filled with fun-packed features such as posting, communities, pages, marketplace, jobs, blogs, etc. the Users can post different kinds of fun media including texts, images, videos, links, stickers and hashtags.” he said, adding that “To get started, one simply needs to create an account by entering their username, email account and password to join the platform.”

Justus Mugisha said the platform will help individuals to connect and create meaningful friendships, relations, beneficial associations and legacies of people in their communities as well as preserving languages, history and heritage as a resource for posterity.

“It bring the digital era closer to the grass root people and communities, especially for Uganda and Africa where the digital penetration is still at the lowest levels, promote unity by connecting people and communities globally through travel, tourism, planned community events and activities, create job opportunities for the youth directly and through third party service providers. Also, by providing a platform for job listings and awareness, such that users are able to easily access various job listings in the different sectors of the economy” he said

It will provide opportunities to  individuals, communities and businesses to buy, sell and promote their products or goods and services, raise the Ugandan Flag globally since MyLYK app is a Ugandan initiative and going global with at least 70% Ugandan representation. Country licenses will be held by deserving Ugandans where possible and promote tourism through enhancing culture and their tourist attractions globally.

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