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Former Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has launched a new website portal, falsevaccines.ug to rally Ugandans share experience from the inconsistencies resulting from the ‘ineffective’ Covid-19 vaccinations across the country.

Addressing the media in Kampala on Tuesday, Mr Kabuleta, along with city Lawyer Dan Walyemera and Medical Entomologist Moses Mugisha said it is illegal for the government of Uganda to force anyone to be injected with vaccinations which are not yet proven to be safe and effective.

Kabuleta said, it is unfortunate that the manufacturers of the Covid-19 vaccines, the researchers and the medics who administer them are all protected by the law to produce and vaccinate except the people being vaccinated with what he termed as an international vaccine experiment.

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“Those vaccinated are part of the world wide experiment on the new vaccinations,” he asserted, adding that “The vaccines have side effects to breast feeding mothers and to the babies as they flow through the blood streams. It also affects the testis and the ovaries in men and women.”

The former journalist also wondered why all the vaccinated people are not allowed to donate blood.

“There is a debate going on across the world and we cannot allow it to be sidelined in Uganda,” he stated.

Mr Kabuleta further urged all vaccinated Ugandans to share their experiences on the challenges associated with the vaccinations on his new platform, falsevaccines.ug to expose the people who have decided to make their fellow humans as test rats.

“I would rather get Covid 100 times than getting vaccinated,” Mr Kabuleta added.

Government of Uganda has since the beginning of this year received donations, purchased Covid 19 vaccines including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson among others to vaccinate Ugandans to reduce their vulnerability to the acquisition of the world’s deadly pandemic.

More than 4 million Covid-19 doses have been acquired. President Museveni has kept Ugandans under a dusk to dawn curfew as part of his efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In his recent address to the nation, the President said he would reopen the country after approximately 4.8 million Ugandans have been vaccinated. Also, government administrators including Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) have vowed not to receive any Ugandan who is not vaccinated into their offices.

However, Counsel Walyemera noted that keeping unvaccinated Ugandans out of public offices is a gross human rights violation that shouldn’t tolerated.

“It’s not right for citizens to be denied access to public offices because they lack vaccination cards. It’s supposed to be by choice and not by force.”

Dr Mugisha told this website that government should stop the compulsory vaccination of Ugandans since it is against the ethical code of medical and health officers in the country.

“Medical and health officers are among those who refused vaccination. Whether or not you are vaccinated, you still get infected with Covid 19. So vaccination should not be forceful,” Mugisha revealed.

When contacted, the Ministry of Health spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyona told this website that those arguing that vaccines are not safe are idle and misleading the public and anyone should condemn them.

“We want to assure Ugandans that the vaccines are proven and safe and are the only way to reopening the country and the whole economy,” Ainebyona said.

Meanwhile, the country has since the launch of the vaccination exercise received a number of backlashes with several Ugandans including the Deputy Director of the Government Citizen Interaction Center- Duncan Abigaba and former Minister for Health Mike Mukula indicating that among the side effects of the vaccination is erectile dysfunctioning.

Also, some people have complained of a paining left arm every after the vaccination. However, despite the challenges, the Ministry of Health has dismissed the accusations saying there are no severe side effects caused by the vaccination.