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Gen Muhoozi issues report to Parliament on the two bombing incidents

Gen Muhoozi issues report to Parliament on the two bombing incidents
Gen David Muhoozi

The Minister of State for Internal Affairs Gen David Muhoozi has issued a report to Parliament following the terrorist attacks on Digida Pork Joint in Komamboga Parish, Kawempe Division as well as the one aboard a bus bound for lshaka on 23rd October and 25th October 2021 respectively.

On Saturday 23rd October around 8 pm at a Pork Joint in Komamboga, there was an explosion that left one person dead and three injured. Similarly, an attack took place aboard a Swift bus registration number UAU 989T bound for lshaka on Monday 25th October in which one person, Matovu lsaac, died on the spot and several others were injured.

According to Gen Muhoozi, the crime scene in Komamboga was cordoned off and preserved pending examination by bomb experts/anti- terrorism team for safety assessment and expert analysis.

“The exhibits of wires, simcard, phone, nails, and ball bearings from the scene of the explosion, metallic pieces, and soil samples from the explosion crater (hole) were recovered, marked, labeled and preserved for onward submission to forensic headquarters for analysis,” Muhoozi told Parliament.

“According to eye witnesses, they sighted a red flashing light under a table which was surrounded by five empty chairs. At the table, there were some empty and unconsumed bottles of alcohol. The deceased, Emily Nyiraneza came and sat on one of the chairs saying she wanted to safeguard the alcohol which was meant for her clients.”

When a one Derrick Nandabi saw the flashing lights, he inquisitively asked Emily about them. They both bent down to examine the item and this is when the object exploded killing her and injuring the others.

“It was further established from witnesses that the empty table where the flashing object was located was initially occupied by two people. The two men were reportedly not first timers there, as they had been there two times before; the last one being two days before the incident,” Gen Muhoozi said.

There were no installed cameras of Komamboga. However, eye witnesses have a recollection of what took place.

“The second scene of attack along Kampala – Masaka road was also cordoned off and the victims evacuated as investigations continue, including an audit of events from where the journey started up to the point of explosion. There are unverified reports that some passengers alighted from the bus of Kyengera let alone inferences of the victim being the suspected bomb carrier due to the nature of the injuries. This will be investigated further,” he said.

Muhoozi assured that the Security Services are following all the leads in both incidents in order to apprehend the culprits. “The Security Agencies will do everything to apprehend the culprits and bring them to book as well as to step up the vigilance levels to decisively confront the threat.”