Home News Environment Illegal miners given six days to leave Kisiita mines

Illegal miners given six days to leave Kisiita mines

Illegal miners given six days to leave Kisiita mines
Kisiita mines.

The State Minister for Mineral Development Mary Goretti Kitutu has set November 3, 2021, as the final date for illegal miners to leave Kisiita mines.

In May 2021, President Yoweri Museveni issued a directive to have all illegal miners evicted from Kisiita Mines. Museveni said illegal miners should be given a 6-month grace period, for them to voluntarily leave the mining site.

Mr Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson said the Police Mineral Protection Unit has already deployed at the Kisiita mines. He said they are already tracking compliance. Reports indicate that police have deployed about 200 Field Force Unit (FFU) officers to help in the eviction.

Enanga said; “We expect to hand over the mines to Kisiita Mining Company that got a grant for the mining lease for 21 years.”

The Mining Company is expected to convert the vast mineral wealth in the area. Apparently, they will also increase the level and revenue in tangible benefits.

“We are consistently keeping illegal miners off the site, ensuring no violence at the site and overseeing the removal of gold processing tanks belonging to illegal miners. With only Eight days remaining, we want to greatly thank all stakeholders but in particular, Kitumbi Artisanal Miners Association,’’ he said.

He applauded the association for prevailing over the pit miners and ensuring they left the mines in time.