Juliana Kanyomozi named brand ambassador of Molfix

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has been named brand ambassador of Molfix, a Global diaper brand. She was unveiled alongside Tracy Kakuru Otatiina, Brenda Nanyonjo, singer Veronica Luggya aka Vinka, Manuela P. Mulondo and Rachael Mwine.

Molfix, the companion of mothers, is in more than 100 countries providing Hypoallergenic Molfix diapers designed to protect baby’s skin. Molfix diapers nourish your baby’s skin with the aloe vera, and chamomile extract it contains.

“Today, Molfix unveiled its Brand Influencers in Uganda. We are happy to be taking this journey with Tracy Kakuru Otatiina, Brenda Nanyonjo, Veronica Luggya aka Vinka, Juliana Kanyomozi, Manuela P. Mulondo and Rachael Mwine who are all exceptional women and mothers. We are happy to be taking this journey with them,” the company said.

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The company revealed that the Soft breathing inner and outer surfaces of Molfix protect babies and prevent leakage and hence making parents comfortable to spend time comfortably with their babies.

“Globally, Molfix is the 5th largest baby diaper brand. It has elastic side bands and a middle rubber system which reliably protects babies against leaks without irritating them.”

In addition to providing ease of movement to your babies with airsoft technology, Molfix Pants can also be easily removed due to its flexible side bands. The impermeable elastic barriers protect your baby against rashes. The umbilical cord hollow grasps your newborn’s body without disturbing your baby.