Makerer University Main Administration
Makerer University Main Administration

The Makerere University Guild President elections are set to take place on 12th November, 2021. The 11 candidates are in high gear canvassing for votes.

Like other previous elections, the aspirants are from the National Political Parties like the National Unity Platform (NUP), Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), National Resistance Movement (NRM), Democratic Party (DP) and independents.

According to Article 27(2) of Makerere University Guild constitution as amended in February 2016, the candidates have to be on a normal progress with full semester load of examination results and with a CGPA of 2.80.

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Mr. Kananga William, the Makerere Electoral Chairman, said that the team has fully completed the verification process and all candidates are good to stand since they met all the requirements as per the guild constitution purposes.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic Kananga said the voting will be both virtual and physical to all students. All first year, finalists, Medical and Veterinary students are allowed to vote physically at campus. Then continuing students from other colleges will vote virtually using

“We expect the voting to be smooth and many students will turn up for this exercise. 25403 students will vote physically and 8055 students will vote online,” Kananga said.

The duly nominated candidates include;

  1. Ayeyo Sam, IND
  2. Bukala Silver, NRM
  3. Byayesu Agrippa, DP
  4. Kamulegeya Obeid, FDC
  5. Mutsinzi Ronald, IND.
  6. Mwasse John, IND.
  7. Nambassa Shamim, NUP
  8. Omega Victor, IND.
  9. Ssewanyana Nelson, IND.
  10. Tumuhaise Martin, IND.
  11. Tumusiime Moses, IND.