Ssemujju Ibrahim Nganda

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has expressed its concern over the continued lack of clarity on Covid-19 vaccine procurement and manufacturing in the country.

This year, the government set aside Shs 560 billion for procurement of Covid-19 vaccines and Shs 31 billion for manufacturing of Covid-19 vaccines. The country has so far bought less than 300,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The process to manufacture vaccines stalled.

According to a supplementary budget that was tabled before parliament, the ministers want an additional Shs 50 billion for vaccine manufacturing. This prompted Busiro East MP Medard Ssegona to call for an inquiry into the money which was accorded to the Veterinary Doctor. Since then the president has been furious, rubbishing the MPs for calling an inquiry into the usage of the money.

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“Covid-19 is being turned into an enterprise to make money by President Yoweri Museveni and his close associates,” FDC party spokesperson Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda said adding that, “Museveni has maintained throughout the pandemic period that his government is working on manufacturing Covid-19 vaccines. But nothing has been done.”

“We welcome parliamentary inquiry into the use of Shs 31 billion for vaccine manufacturing. If the vet is clean, let her run to the select committee of Parliament and not State House,” Ssemujju said while questioning Museveni’s decision to defend Dr. Musenero.

“If Museveni didn’t partake of this money, let him not yell at Parliament. He should if it is in his interest ask to appear before the committee to explain his participation. The relationship between Dr. Musenero and the health sector is also a point of concern. Museveni said that the health sector refused to employ his veterinary doctor. Maybe it is the reason he took her to the State House. How with that history revealed, the two ministers work in order to produce a vaccine,” he said.