Sheikh Muhammad Galabuzi
EC Village Verification

The leadership of Kibuli Muslim faction has announced Sheikh Muhammad Galabuzi as the new Supreme Mufti. The appointment t was confirmed by Dr. Muhammad Kiggundu director communication and research in the Office of the Supreme Mufti.

Sheikh Galabuzi replaces Sheikh Siliman Kasule Ndirangwa who resigned his position in April over in-fights within the Kibuli establishment. Sheikh Galabuzi will be sworn in this Friday at Kibuli alongside his two deputies Sheikh Ntanda and Sheikh Mahad Kakooza.

Sheikh Ndirangwa’s resignation came moments after the death of outspoken Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who was the spokesperson of the Kibuli faction.

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Ndirangwa was appointed Supreme Mufti of the Kibuli-based Muslim faction on December, 16, 2015, replacing Shiek Zubairi Kayongo who died in April 2014.