Presidents Museveni and Kagame

As President Yoweri Museveni and Paul Kagame row escalates, Rwanda continues to accuse Uganda of supporting dissidents whose aim is to destabilize the French speaking nation.

The Kigali government accuses Uganda of supporting Rwanda National congress (RNC) led by Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa. In 2019 Rwanda’s State Minister for East African Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe said key elements in Ugandan security agencies were helping South African-based army Gen. Nyamwasa.

In 2019, Kagame closed his border for Ugandan goods and nationals who ought to travel to Uganda and many people were shot dead as others were deported. Kagame blamed the closure on the Ugandan government.

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Last month, Rwanda’s national army Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) blamed Eastern DRC attacks on Uganda. “It has been reported that an armed group reported to be Ex-M23 rebels on Sunday 7 November 2021, crossed into DRC From Uganda territory where it is based  and attacked and occupied the villages of Tshanzu and Runyoni,” Kagame’s Army said in a statement.

Since then, Kagame’s rhetoric and accessions have been driven further by a number of influential parody Twitter accounts.  The Parody accounts include Faith Gatako (@FaithGatako), Princess from North (@Princess_North1), Kanyana Vanessa (@KanyanaVanessa), Brenda Mutesi (@brendamutesi3), Phyllis Iribagiza (@Magicfetus3), John Mugisha (@Johnmugisha1), Mwene Kalinda (@KalindaMwene), Juliet Mbabazi (@julietmbabaz) and sundry.

The tweeps make a lot of accusations and speculations aiming at tainting Kampala government’s image. Eagle Online analyzed the parody accounts and established that most of them were opened in 2020 and 2021. Most of the accounts have less than 1000 followers. They on several occasions post about Uganda and Rwanda, transiting that they were purposely opened to counter Kampala government.

Recently, Brenda Mutesi said Chieftaincy Military Intelligence (CMI) recruits people to join RNC.

“Fred Asiimwe Kanamugire, 43, becomes the most recent recruit of Uganda’s CMI in its scheme with the RNC to destabilize Rwanda,” Brenda Mutesi tweeted.

“RNC’s Frank Ntwari in Kampala to review Ugandan facilitated RNC cadreship training. RNC’s recruited cadres are then taken to the #RNCInUganda ‘cadreship training center’ located in the Bugolobi suburb of Kampala, on Street 21, Mpanga Close,” Kanyana Vanessa wrote.

“Facts revealing #RNCinUganda are plenty, for instance, testimonies of many Innocent Rwandans who were abducted by CMI in Uganda back in the day divulge how they were forced to join RNC, and when denied, CMI dump them at the border claiming they’re spies,” John Mugisha said.

“Thanks @julietmbabaz for this info. It is very clear that the RNC has the full support of #Uganda and this has to be fixed first. The neighbor is exposed,” Kanyana Vanessa tweeted.