Patients receiving care yesterday during the drive

At least 628 patients have benefited from AAR HealthCare group, Kampala and Nakasero Hospitals medical camp and sanitation drive at Wandegeya market.

The cost-effective strategy of investing in health and community wellbeing is through regular medical checkups, physical exercise, good nutrition which help reduce overall health financial burden.

“Communities have poor health-seeking behaviour and always go to the hospital when something is wrong/sick, yet there is some infection that can be detected and treated or effects prevented earlier such as Hypertension,  Cancer and other non-communicable diseases, as health workers we want to emphasize of prevention is better than cure and empower people to have control over their health through offering free services that have been offered during exercise and as well emphasize that prevention is better than cure,” remarked Leah Kamau,Principal nursing officer, Kampala Hospital.

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According to Paul Kiiza, Head Marketing and Communication at AAR Healthcare Uganda, at the end of every year, the three partners choose to give back to society. This is done following the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) model.

“This year we chose Wandegeya market as these are our neighbours and we believe they too were affected by the pandemic,” he remarked.

Agasha Leonor Trubish, General Manager, AAR Healthcare Uganda added that: “As we close the year, we take time to reflect on all that we have all gone through, not just the health workers and market vendors but Ugandans at large. The market’s vendors resiliently stayed on to avail the much-needed foodstuff for the masses and we would love to give back to the community that actively soldiered on giving such a vital service throughout the lock downs. Thank you for your contribution to nutritional healthcare, something we are passionate about as an organization”.

Amidst the pandemic, some diseases were ignored that have advanced effects on human nature like high blood pressure and diabetes and obesity. It’s for this reason the camp was held to sensitize, test and advise members of the public about the danger of these diseases.

“Nakasero Hospital focuses on quality care and this time around is coming out to join its sister facilities in promoting hygiene within the community by participating physically. We understand that this is one of the ways to prevent disease in communities and we have come out in solidarity for this great cause,” said Elizabeth Ssubi, Client Experience supervisor, Nakasero Hospital.

 “Hygienic practices such as good hand washing behaviour, water and sanitation systems, and waste management are very important in the prevention of infection, promotion of health and well-being, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemics.  As health workers have come out, we want to participate and support our community and demonstrate that this practice, if applied , serves as a barrier to human-to-human transmission of infection including C19,” she cautioned.