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Fraudulent Socialite Kavuma faces jail again after shamelessly taking off without clearing $48,000 Speke Apartments’ bill

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Socialite Kavuma Honest aka Champagne Papi is on the run as Police moves to throw him back into jail for taking off without clearing a multimillion bill at swanky Speke Apartments.

Kavuma who has registered popularity in Uganda through fraudulent deals and scams booked a room at Speke Apartments in 2018 which he paid for the first two years, according to Swift News Agency.

Kavuma is a promoter of Germany based team Bayern Sports club in Uganda and chairman of the Bayern Munich fan club East Africa.

After tasting on the luxury life at the Apartments, just like most so-called socialites got excited and without fear or favor started ordering for all tribes of drinks and foods, slept in the swanky rooms, asked for world-class services and eventually took off without paying.

According to sources at Jinja Police Station, they have revealed that the guy is now being hunted like a needle after Speke Apartment lodged the case against him under Ref no.75/19/10/2021.

”We are going to teach him a lesson. This time he will get saved. We want him to know that when you acquire a service you must pay for it. He will cough that money he took off with…or else he will rot in jail,” vowed one of the furious detectives hunting Kavuma.

Putting the Speke Apartments’ saga aside, Swift News Agency also learnt that jail is already open for Kavuma over another scandal involving his colleagues; Makai Cobra, Nathan Kimbuye and Walter Obera who are being investigated over credit cards and ATM scams.

In case you are wondering about the person we’re talking about, this is the guy who in 2017 was arrested and remanded to Luzira Murchison on charges of money laundering. According to sources then, Kavuma was accused of fraud by Nigerian businessman Jay Florin Adedayo, Director of Citi commodities in Dubai.

It’s believed that Kavuma signed a transfer document that later bounced after allegedly altering a credit confirmation document in 2016 of US$193m from Chase Bank.

After several pursuits by the furious Nigerian, Kavuma was put behind bars for several days until he was presented to the high court. Represented by Bowmans of A.F. Mpanga Advocates, Kavuma later got out under unclear circumstances. That, however, wasn’t the end of his woes.

Sources (very reliable sources by the way), revealed that after a short while, Kavuma’s accounts in several Ugandan banks were frozen, leaving him stranded and unsure of his next move.

It is established that since then, the guy has been struggling to keep up with his flashy lifestyle again.

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