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The Royal Council of Busoga Kingdom has dismissed His Royal Highness Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV and declared Edward Columbus Wambuzi Muloki as the newly elected Kyabazinga.

According to Robert Luba Mukajjanga, the Secretary to Busoga Hereditary Royal Saza Chiefs Council on 3rd January 2022 interdicted Nadiope IV as the seating Kyabazinga of Busoga.

“The chief royal council in accordance with the Article 8 Clause 2 (f) of Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga unanimously with a quorum of eight hereditary Royal Saza Chiefs moved a vote of confidence in His Royal Highness Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV there by removing him as the seating Kyabazinga,” Mr. Mukajjanga said.

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He Said, Article 8 Clause (6) of the constitution of Kingdom, the royal Chiefs retains the affairs of running the cultural institution and upon that they named his Royal Highness Columbus as the Kyabazinga.

“In the best interest of the Kingdom at all times have a reigning Kyabazinga, elected by Royal Council form 11 chiefdoms. The Council therefore upon the removal of His Royal Highness Wilberforce Nadiope IV as the seating Kyabazinga, unanimously reaffirmed and declared Edward Columbus Wambuzi Muloki, the Zibondo of Bulamogi as the elected Kyabazinga as it was in 2008,” he said.

Speaking about the development, the Katuukiro of Busoga Kingdom Joseph Muvawala disregarded reports of the dismissal of the Kyabazinga William Wilberforce Gabula Nadiope IV referring to them as false, illegal and misleading.

“Obwa Kyabazinga assures the general public that these temporary developments just like several others before shall be dealt with and managed  and encourages everyone to observe law and order,” Muvawala said.

Gabula Nadiope was unanimously elected by the 10 Busoga Royal Chiefs who convened at Bugembe on 23 August 2014 for the purpose of electing a new Kyabazinga. Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi, the 11th Busoga Royal Chief, who was also contesting for the throne, did not attend the meeting.

Gabula was approved by the Busoga Lukiko on 25 September 2014. Following an unsuccessful last-minute court challenge, Prince William Gabula was crowned as the 4th Kyabazinga of Busoga at Bugembe on Saturday, 13 September 2014.