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Ethiopia’s Abiy has ashamed Africa

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The Executive Board
World Health Orgarnization


Pan Africa Forum (UK) Ltd on behalf of millions of silent majority in Africa and the entire world wishes to state that Ethiopian Government led by Dr.Ahmed Abiy has embarrassed us in this new era of global affairs . call upon Dr.Abiy Ahmed to immediately withdraw his letter to Executive Board of WHO within 7 days from today or we shall initiate a SERIES of law suits in Old Bailey and other unspecified lobby campaign against him as an individual including taking a legal route in Britain against his extra judicial killings he has overnighted upon in Ethiopia.

Today on behalf of my organisation I want to address Dr. Abiy Ahmed from the highest rostrum of Pan-Africanism, the same podium that the most valiant scions of Africa stood as they impelled the indefatigable winds of independence and crushed the evil and diabolic shackles of colonialism.

I will not take to the pews of conformity when Africa is being embarrassed at the international stage, it will be immoral to do so. This same activists of George Soros brand that created a war in a country that had good GDP inbthe region must be exposed as an ethnic bigot who killed the dream of our founding fathers.

In the happenstance of his sordid letter dated 13th January 2022 (which copy I have) I believe Menelik II, Haile Selassie, Kwame Nkurumah, Ahmed Sékou Touré, Mwalimu Dr.Obote , Nasser Julius Nyerere and many other gallant sons of Africa could be turning in their graves with spasms of shame, ignominy and repugnance at the sight of it and its inglorious call on the World Health Organization to dismiss Dr. Tedros Adhanom.

Dr. Abiy Ahmed might have had acrimony with Dr. Tedros Adhanom, that’s normal for brothers. But to turn to the cheapjack tactic of clamouring for Dr. Tedros sacking at WHO was a new low for a man of his stature. It shows how he invited Eritrean troops from another mad man of Africa to kill Tigray people .

What Dr Abiy Ahmed has done is more of a terrorist act not if a civilised Noble Prize winner . Didn’t Ngugí Wa Thíong’o in his books warn us Africans that, “The old oil skin of the house is not to be smeared on the back of strangers.” Dr. Abiy should have sought amicable ways to settle his scores with Dr. Tedros as ab Ethiopian , within personal confines.

I want to candidly tell,Dr. Abiy Ahmed that if it is the hatred because of the war in Tigray he should have realised what it has taken Africans and Ethiopians plus the entire region to be where we are today,at all costs, peace must not be derailed.

I will implore the words of Sun Tzu,in the book ‘Art Of War’, that greatest victory is that which requires no battle and that there is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare. Ethiopia needs to heal and walk down the road of reconstruction.

As Africans at large, we have to realize that the position Dr. Tedros holds is of privilege to the continent if only could be explored accordingly. They say a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Currently, the closer we have come to the UN High table is through a non- permanent, rotational UNSC slot.

Therefore, Let’s cherish and protect what we have, we cannot afford to pull down our brothers from the international stage. It’s uncouth and Un-African to do so.

I believe that thevGeorge Soros type of activism has destroyed the reasoning capacity of Dr.Abiy .The crab story is what I want to use here . Most fishermen know that if you catch crabs, you do not need to cover the basket, container or basin where you put them if they’re more than one. Just leave the basket open because once one of them starts to climb out, the others will drag it back down.

Dr.Abiy has behaved like in the story of a crab in a basket. The biggest let down in Africa is the crab Mentality which simply refers to the behaviour of crabs in the basket. The crabs could easily escape one after another but they pull down each other and prevent anyone from escaping and in the process collectively continue to suffer and ultimately get eaten.

In Africa, this has been a norm entrenched in all strata of society. The loathsome behavior of pulling down those who have ascended the ladder of success, unless we move away from the retrogressive Crab Mentality, Africa cannot progress.

As I hit the homestretch, I would like to call upon the African Union (AU ) and the entire African leaders to denounce the letter and call upon all Africans to condemn such anti -African behaviour.

I also remind PM Dr.Abiy Ahmed that the dusts of Ethiopian- Tigray war are yet to settle. Trying to scratch on the wounds that could reignite the conflict is a perilous path, he must desist from cherry picking on prominent Tigrayans.

I happen to know Dr.Tedros Adhanom from London in 80’s and early 90s when we worked together with the late Zenawi in Ethiopian Relief organisation that was based in London supported by the British Government. I was the Vice -Chairman of the London based UCRA , (Uganda Community Relief Assocciation).I can without fear that Dr.Tedros Adhanom is a Pan African and the Executive Board of WHO should not listen to the tribal bigotry of Dr.Abiy .

Lastly I want to tell Dr.Abiy that he should rethink his actions and recall the letter and allow the other African to work in the position of WHO. What Dr.Abiy must know that what he has done is a gnarly path that might implode the entire nation, just like Chinua Achebe once said,”He who will hold another down in the mud must stay in the mud to keep him down.”

Let Ethiopia urgently withdraw the letter.


Dr.David Nyekorach -Matsanga



DATED 15th January 2022

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