Joel Ssenyonyi
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Opposition political party, the National Unity Platform party is in bitter terms with the New vision over what they termed to be a propagandist article.

The article which was published in the New vision of Monday 17th January 2022 claimed that NUP top bosses are in a bitter split which the party denied.

According to NUP, New vision’s act is the burden that awaits those who take on the responsibility to oppose a dictatorship stressing that for a regime that survives on propaganda, this and such has been long overdue.

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They narrated that such acts are meant to discredit, derail, divide and eventually destroy those who oppose the dictatorship hence calling up on their members to remain focused.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the Nakawa West legislator who doubles as the NUP party spokesperson stressed that New vision has joined the WhatsApp group of tabloids to write fake dramatic headlines.

Ssenyonyi who noted that the regime will use anyone and anything just so they can try to derail them by creating none existing storms appealed to all their people to remain focused not fall into their trap.

According to Mathias Mpuuga, the Buganda region NUP Deputy president and the Leader of opposition of the 11th Parliament this act is probably a figment of somebody’s wild imagination stressing that he has not heard a policy or decision disagreement to the level he has seen in some form of a shabbily cooked story to wit in the New vision.

Mpuuga said that the article is misplaced and is meant to foment disagreements in the rank and file of the National Unity Platform.

He stressed that some sections of the media are part of the state apparatus and want to see NUP disintegrate.