Joel Ssenyonyi

Opposition political party, the National Unity Platform (NUP) has been urged to address the issues raised by New Vision rather than attacking the managers of the paper.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the Nakawa West legislator who doubles as the NUP party spokesperson attacked the managers of the paper calling them incompetent and propagandist for the government and stressed that New Vision has joined the WhatsApp group of tabloids to write fake dramatic headlines.

In the lead headline on Monday 17th January 2022, New Vision said, “NUP top bosses in bitter split” and on Wednesday 19th January it wrote; “NUP crisis deepens over cash.”

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Fans have now attacked Ssenyonyi and told him together with the party leaders to address the issues raised than attacking individuals.

“If the information isn’t true, why are you bothered?” one of the social media users replied to Ssenyonyi.

Betungura Benon said; “Mr senyonyi ,u need to prove the world wrong ,that ur party is not in crisis over cash ,other  than attacking mr Don ,thats the problem with NUP supporters ,they dont want thier party not to be talked  about ,but for them they talk ill things about NRM  ,and wanted the public to accept whatever  they talk about NRM .its really absurd. Aperson of ur caliber  ,wouldn’t  be thinking like those bayayes of kamuwokya ,ur thinking capacity should be beyond  that .Any way ,all NUP supporters  are like that .have been brain washed ,very unfortunate.”

“Joel the information is true and correct, don’t think that we we are fools, Ugandans now know the kind of goons in the NUP, so stop lamanting, we no longer have opposition in Uganda since humiliated Dr kiiza besigye for having stood four times, for you goons in won’t even do what besigye did, you would be addressing issues like fuel prices bat you simply quiet, just lamenting,”

“Address the issues raised in the report. prove him wrong,” RiskyUganda replied on twitter.

“Please give us the facts, don’t be like the ‘others’. Real NUP bigwigs are voicing similar sentiments in private. Walk around the streets of Rubaga South and listen to former People Power Mobilisers,” a one Mawejje replied.

Tumushabe Richard Rutaremwa replied on Facebook; “Joel, u are a political dwarf and u are my witness! Disapprove this with facts and let’s move on! You must be a good Bible reader, especially the book of Lamentations!”

Aggrey Waguma asked; so should we sweep it under the carpet?

Mbuga Ahmed replied; There’s no smoke without fire. Let the storm calm, we’ll know who’s saying the truth. Not only is New Vision driving this narrative, but also NUP diehards within the camp are confirming that something like that is happening from within. At the end, the truth shall come out. Until then, u aren’t immune to propaganda.

Ndyabasa Eastone said; “Prove that he is wrong because we have all that transpired in the retreat.”