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President Yoweri Museveni has launched Explore Uganda, the Pearl of Africa destination brand which aims at boosting tourism in key and emerging  markets around the world.

Speaking at the launch, Museveni said Uganda is a unique country and its location right at the equator influences great weather all year round and this makes it the best across the world.

“This weather where we are always outdoors, where we do not need air conditioning, is another aspect that brings in tourists. The weather is because of where we are, along the equator. Whenever I go abroad things are not easy at all. You are not comfortable. You cannot leave the hotels, you need air conditioning, and sometimes it is hot. But here, life is so easy and nice,” he said.

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Museveni said; “The terrain of Uganda is unique. It is not by accident that the Nile starts here. The architecture of Africa is such that Uganda is the roof of Africa.”

 “With COVID-19 we have not suffered as much as other people in the world. It would be interesting for foreigners to know how we managed to fight HIV/AIDS, Ebola and now, COVID-19. This should be emphasized because they will feel safe and come here to tour,” he said, adding that, “Uganda’s culture means a lot of things that is to say Language, Music, food and many others and that what makes it Unique.”

The Minister for Tourism Tom Butime said the launch of the destination brand is vital to the restarting and rebuilding of the tourism sector as it provides a positive recognizable and form assurance of the beauty we radiate

“As life gets back to normal, let’s use the opportunity to rediscover Uganda, celebrating what is Ours. Uganda is a country blessed by diversity of Flora and Fauna,” he said.

The UTB Chairperson Daudi Migereko said for many years, the tourism sector has been yearning for a destination brand.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Lilly Ajarova said; “Uganda is and has always been the Pearl of Africa, but there was a lack of clarity and consistency on. There have also been several efforts by different players to create awareness at various levels with various levels of success- but there has been a lack of a single-minded messaging and or interpretation of what constitutes the Pearl of Africa in a manner to makes us stand out and appealing to the various travel segments out there.”

“The launch of this destination brand is bound to benefit the country, provided that after this launch, all of the key stakeholders can consistently work hard which will render our products competitive and attractive,”  Ajarova said.

“The brand is a value proposition; around which we shall mobilize Uganda’s entire tourism ecosystem to deliver to our visitors all the time, at all the touchpoints. It is a lifetime pursuit and not a one-time affair and or a time-limited communications campaign,” she said.